Counselling for women                                                              Rådgivning för kvinnor - på engelska

Under four eyes – woman to woman –                  it is a relief to talk about frustration, anger            or pain, sorrows or doubts...

Speaking out - and receiving loyalty                        and professional support.

Making your way - step by step...


          In this counselling, in an intimate atmosphere and with my support,

          you are invited to:

            Speak out your thoughts

                 Realize you feelings

                        Win more insight and clarity

                               Discover your own wishes, aims and possibilities

                                     Take steps to chance your own life 



Perception and healing of self-relation might become an important part in this process.  But besides that - every topic that concerns or interests you can be our focus – you decide.  And I guide and support you in your process.                


In counselling settings I don‘t primarily suggest what you should do or try –                but this can be a main part if you choose a >coaching instead. 

                                                        (Look under "Coaching" in the navigation)

In the counselling process I shall help you to find out what you really want and need.  Which behavior you would like to try and which actions you want to undertake, practically. Quite often things get easier already by just looking at them from a different perspective...


       Frequent Topics are:

Aggression, self-hatred, anger, fright, loneliness, homesickness, conflicts in family or partnership, minor self-confidence, education, violence, sexuality, overload and exhaustion, grief, addiction (alcohol, nicotine, food t.e.), fear of getting older, sickness or disabilities, taking care of family members etc.


Maybe you know this:

„Always trouble with my mother-in-law – my  husband minds her more than me!“

„I don‘t like my body – my legs are too fat...“

„My boss is a choleric – it frightens me to go to work...“

„It‘s all too much – children, home and job – I am so tired!“

„My husband wants sex all the time – but I‘m not in the mood...“

„I want sex – but my partner sits at the computer until midnight...“

„I feel lonely...but nobody should now...or nobody cares...“

„No idea what I want – life is boring...“

„My mother is sick and I take care of her – meanwhile I nearly breakdown myself…"

"Since we last moved I fell myself estranged and lonely..."

How about you?